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Kyle W. Jones began his career in Culver City, CA in 2009 when he was given the opportunity to open a local office for a large financial firm. He and his young family from Ohio drove across the country. Kyle found himself at home in Culver City, and his original office still exists today on the north side of Sony Pictures. Soon in his career, Kyle realized how a large firm cannot possibly offer individualized advice, and their focus on rapid growth and bottom lines does not always put the client's best interest first.  Advisors are often forced to sell the firm's ancillary services and this cookie-cutter approach simply didn't appeal to Kyle or his clients. 

Kyle believed in offering comprehensive, unbiased advice in a fiduciary capacity and that would require the flexibility of being an independent advisor.  Kyle became an Independent Financial Advisor in 2012.  Since then, the industry trend has proven Kyle's model is the right one, as the old large "wirehouses" have begun losing advisors to independence in large numbers, and we do believe the fiduciary model will be the gold standard in the industry.

K.W. Jones Wealth is an Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciary.  Backed by Institutional Professionals.

We provide full-service financial planning and investment management primarily to those in or about to enter retirement, business owners, and families.  You will feel relieved to have us on your side.  And we truly sit on your side of the table.  We have found ways of utilizing all of the resources of a large institution, without having any conflicts of interest or products.  We simply offer advice.

Kyle prides himself on educating his clients (and their children and grandchildren) so that they can better navigate the world of finance which is often intentionally cryptic and coded.

Money management begins with a life goal.  Some have the goal of accumulating as much wealth as possible, but this is less common than you might think.  More often, there is a specific goal or purpose in our lives, and money is one tool we use to accomplish our goals.  KW Jones Wealth Management will help you achieve your financial goals as efficiently as possible.